In memory of Advocate General Walter van Gerven (1935-2015)

Former Advocate General Walter van Gerven has passed away. He was an extraordinary Advocate General who shaped EU Law in many ways, but, above all, he was a great lawyer. He will always be remembered as the Advocate General of crucial cases like Grogan, Marleasing or Keck, as well as the author of a vast repertoire of academic publications on European, private and comparative law.

It is sad to witness how the founding generation of EU Law slowly but relentlessly leave us. In a few years’ time, lawyers like Walter van Gerven will be remembered as brave idealists who believed in the impossible, but who turned out to be the visionaries of the world to come.

Despite all its faults, EU Law is a marvellous thing, a vast depositary built upon the wisdom and courage of brilliant men and women. Walter van Gerven was one of them. He will always be remembered.

1 thought on “In memory of Advocate General Walter van Gerven (1935-2015)

  1. Professor Van Gerven taught me EU law some time ago at the Universiy of Maastricht (at that time called Rijksuniversiteit Limburg). He was very very enthusiastic about the ECJ and its caselaw and above all about its crucial task in the evolution of EU law and integration. I remember him asking me about Marleasing, Factortame… A very clever and extremely kind professor, and an excellent Advocate General. Rest in peace.


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