A New Beginning

Dear reader,

After four years, ‘Despite our Differences’ comes to an end today.

And what a time it has been in which to blog!

We have seen Brexit rear its ugly head, rule of law issues, a megalomaniac Trump, mass migration from the Middle East, the rise of populism and the efforts of globalists to strike back, as well as serious environmental shifts, to name but a few significant events in that short period.

It is almost an understatement to say that it has been an incredible tour de force for anyone following the European agenda. For the Court of Justice and lawyers across the EU these years have tested us all. Many of our preconceptions of European integration have come under fire, but they have also been strengthened and reaffirmed.

Despite our Differences has covered many of these developments, and it is an honour to have been followed by thousands of faithful readers every month. It became clear through the blog that EU law is not only important for EU lawyers, but also any responsible citizen interested in the law.

With that in mind, as of today, Despite our Differences will evolve into a new project that aims to fulfil its originalgoals, but which will cater to both a wider and specialised audience, and rely on the knowledge and skills of other lawyers. And so, the‘goodbye’is accompanied by a´hello world’from the EU Law Live blog.

The EU Law Live blog will cover EU Law events in a fresh and unconventional style, looking at every topic that is relevant for all EU lawyers, no matter their field of expertise, just as Despite our Differences has done in the past. And it will also focus on significant events taking place in specialised areas of EU law which certainly deserve the attention of all EU lawyers. The EU Law Live blog will cover developments in trade, competition, tax, tech, banking and intellectual property, among others, when such events have broader implications that are important across the spectrum of society. In the same way that Despite our Differences paved the way in focusing on the constitutional developments of interest for all EU lawyers, the EU Law Live blog will also cover events in specialised fields that deserve attention from the wider public.

To achieve this goal, the EU Law Live blog will be a collective effort rather than an individual endeavour. I will be its Editor-in-Chief, but supported by a team of highly competent analysts specialised in the main fields of EU law. It will also be more intensive, with posts on a daily basis. At times it will be as productive and informative as a legal journal.

The journey that starts tomorrow is also a new journey for our readers; it is a new way of approaching Europe’s most ambitious endeavour so far: the creation of a new legal order. It is up to us, the artisans that work daily with this fascinating legal order, to make it work and make the European project fulfil its promise of peace and prosperity for all. The EU Law Live blog is a modest instrument, within the parcel of the world of lawyers, in helping the EU succeed in its noble goals. You are very welcome to join us on this trip.

Daniel Sarmiento

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